The Apron Project

The Apron Project

For the 2nd year now, Soupline Supper offers attendees a chance to purchase unique, hand-crafted, double-sided/reversible aprons–most of which are created using T-shirts donated by each of the featured restaurants at Soupline Supper—combined with recycled clothing, fabric and notions from local thrift stores.

Seamstress Marsha Frederick, a volunteer at Homeless Services Center, shares her enthusiasm: “When I learned of Soupline Supper, I suggested my craft of making aprons from T-shirts be incorporated into the event and auction. I hope you’ll agree, the aprons are an attractive and unique tribute to HSC’s signature fundraiser and a distinctive auction item for you to bid on.”

Marsha has been sewing tote bags, aprons and quilts using materials found at Goodwill, Salvation Army, Grey Bears Thrift Store and the Pajaro Valley Quilt Fair Bargain Garden, along with donations from friends, to support her efforts to recycle, reuse and upcycle. Marsha reminds us, “Many of our parents and grandparents reused materials long before the present movement promoting recycling and reusing items became so popular. I am continuing that system by sewing items from materials that others have donated for resale by nonprofits. The nonprofits are benefiting and we are creating less waste. The challenge of creating an item with recycled materials is exciting and rewarding.”

To learn more, please follow Marsha Frederick’s Studio426 on Etsy, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Aprons are being crafted daily between now and April 24th, check back regularly to prepare for auction bidding wars…

Apron_99 Bottles Apron_99 Bottles_reverse Apron_Aldo's_front Apron_Aldo's_reverse Apron_Aquarious Apron_Aquarious_reverse Apron_Beckmann Apron_Beckmann_reverse Apron_Erik's_front Apron_Erik's_reverse Apron_Feast for a King Apron_Feast for a King_reverse Apron_Happy Boy Farms_front Apron_Happy Boy Farms_reverse Apron_Hula's Apron_Hula's_reverse Apron_Johnny's Apron_Johnny's_front Apron_Martinelli's Apron_Pacific Cookie_front Apron_Pacific Cookie_reverse Apron_Zameen

Whale City Bakery_Reverse

El Patio Grocery_Front El Patio Grocery_Reverse Shadowbrook_Front_Shannon Shadowbrook_Reverse_Shannon Whale City Bakery_Front

Bruno's_Front_Kevin Simon Bruno's_Reverse Manuel's_Front Manuel's_Reverse_Jennifer Bymun Sawasdee_Front Sawasdee_Reverse

Check out these examples from The Apron Project at last year’s 14th Annual Soupline Supper in 2013:

Apron, Charlie Hong Kong Apron, Crow's Nest - mermaid Apron, Hoffman's Apron, Martinelli's - full apron Apron, Saturn Cafe Apron, Staff of Life Apron, Stagnaro Brothers 2 Apron, Stagnaro Brothers Apron, Trader Joe's - full apron Apron, Trim 2 Apron, Trim Apron, Unknown Apron, Walnut Ave Cafe

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